About our Fabrics!

Our Signature Jersey is one of our Most Popular Fabrics!  It has an incredible stretch to it which helps gowns made in this material to have a wide range of sizes it fits.  Super soft & comfortable.  Easily remove any wrinkles by laundering or using a hand held steamer.

 If you are not a fan of STEAMING your gowns, this material is for you!  Our Luxe Jersey has anti-wrinkle properties which are great for traveling.  Similar to our signature jersey, it has a wide range of stretch, but not as much as our signature jersey fabric.
Mainly used for our Boho lines is a delicate woven fabric with a light feel & texture.  The material itself does not stretch.  We recommend hand washing & air drying the fabric.
Most all of the laces we use are synthetic Nylon or Polyester & have a very soft feel & not scratchy. Our lace fabrics can be washed on gentle or in a garment bag, but cannot be put in a dryer or will be damaged.
Beautiful & Delicate but stretchy!  Make sure you pay attention to the size recommendation for sequin gowns to ensure integrity of the garment. All gowns made out of our sequin mesh gowns, have the bodice & body lined, for ultra comfortability!
We use a polyester Chiffon that has a generous weight to allow for more durability, but also lightweight for beautiful dreamy images!  Due to the heavier weight of chiffon uses, its more of a semi-sheer fabric.

Ultra soft & lightweight Polyester material!  Wrinkle resistant & Used on all of our Eternity Style Gowns.

GOWN CARE:  For complete instructions on how to best care for your gown, please check out the GOWN CARE section on our website